Tuesday Evening Diary – I FINALLY conquered my diagonals!!!

Today’s lesson with Martini was going over the poles and obstacle course pattern for the horse show. This is all at the trot.

First up, posting trot a 20 meter circle, followed by trotting over 2 poles in a half seat, more trotting, 2 more poles, repeating the pattern so it’s a total of 2 laps around the arena and we end with another 20 meter trot circle. 🤪

The obstacle course was next, trotting over 4 poles in the half seat, some walking, trotting through cones followed by a hault, backing up 3 steps, walking forward and trotting over a cross rail jump.🤪🤪

Oh and doing all this while on the correct diagonal and BREATHING!

I rode amazingly well tonight. The biggest takeaway for me was getting every diagonal correct. I finally figured out when I ask for the trot, look down and post when I see the outside leg forward. It only took me 4 years to figure that out lol.

As I was cooling out Martini, I proudly announce to my trainer Kari, I want to go first with Martini (several other students are riding him) because I want to set the bar high. I most certainly am ready for this horse show. Go Big or Go Home! ❤️🐴

The fabulous Martini on the Rocks.

Published by Judy Bennett

I am a middle aged married woman who finally was able to make her childhood dream come true. In 2016 I purchased my first horse - a beautiful older gent that I named Alfie. This blog is dedicated to everyone who loves horses and wants to see the good, the bad and the ugly of learning how to ride.

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