Thursday evening diary – when they choose you, you step up.

This past Sunday, our barn hosted a ground work clinic with an incredible trainer named Sara Vanecek. All of the horses were able to participate, including Alfie! Each horse had a handler, and the horses worked on lunging and there was even an obstacle course set up with lots of great desensitizing obstacles. This clinicContinue reading “Thursday evening diary – when they choose you, you step up.”

Wednesday Evening Diary – let’s dance!

I would like to formally introduce you all to Cee Cee. She is a 5 year old quarter horse, the newest addition to our lesson program, and the youngest horse I’ve ever ridden. Cee Cee has been a part of our lesson program for a couple of months now. I was one of the firstContinue reading “Wednesday Evening Diary – let’s dance!”

Friday evening diary – kicking it up a notch

Happy New Year folks! Something amazing has happened. It’s been 7 years of riding in the making, but I finally punched through the glass ceiling that has been holding my confidence hostage. Copper and I – we’ve made HUGE strides the last few weeks. Let me rewind a bit. When I purchased Copper, I vaguelyContinue reading “Friday evening diary – kicking it up a notch”

Sunday evening diary – It’s been awhile – let’s catch up!

Hi everyone. My deepest apologies for being MIA for so long, but lots of changes have happened since the summer, so let’s dive right in. First off, Alfie and Copper are fine. The changes that happened had to do with the management at our barn. In August, after a little over 2 years, the barnContinue reading “Sunday evening diary – It’s been awhile – let’s catch up!”

Wednesday Afternoon Diary – a little navicular isn’t gonna stand in our way.

Oh Alfie, getting older really isn’t easy. A couple months ago, Alfie developed a severe lameness that came out of nowhere. After an extensive vet visit and a bunch of X-rays later, Alfie was diagnosed with navicular. Navicular is a degenerative condition that can cause lameness in the front legs. It’s very common in quarterContinue reading “Wednesday Afternoon Diary – a little navicular isn’t gonna stand in our way.”

Monday Afternoon Diary – We are champions…

What an eventful day yesterday was. Just take a look… Our first away horse show was a HUGE success, not only for me but for another young lady named Mila who also rode Copper and she won champion in her division. The last several months have been medically challenging for Copper. He was diagnosed andContinue reading “Monday Afternoon Diary – We are champions…”

Saturday evening diary – courage comes in small by mighty steps

Happy Saturday everyone! We had an amazing day today at the barn. It was our spring cleaning day, and with the help of the boarders, students and parents, our barn got a deep cleaning it desperately needed. The cleanup started around 10 and didn’t end until 2, so during the cleanup process things were movedContinue reading “Saturday evening diary – courage comes in small by mighty steps”

Wednesday morning diary – welcome Spring

Ok, it’s not officially the first day of spring, but it certainly feels it. This winter wasn’t an awful one in comparison to other years, but we did see a fair amount of ICE this winter which is not fun for anyone, especially horses. Alfie came out of the winter pretty good. His arthritis hasContinue reading “Wednesday morning diary – welcome Spring”

Sunday Morning Diary – welcome winter

Happy New Year!! Winter has officially arrived in New York. After a fairly mild and calm December, January has started out cold and icy. It’s Sunday, and we are getting hit with freezing rain and sleet so no barn for me today. Last night scrolling through one of the many horse groups I belong toContinue reading “Sunday Morning Diary – welcome winter”