Sunday Morning Diary – welcome winter

Happy New Year!! Winter has officially arrived in New York. After a fairly mild and calm December, January has started out cold and icy. It’s Sunday, and we are getting hit with freezing rain and sleet so no barn for me today. Last night scrolling through one of the many horse groups I belong toContinue reading “Sunday Morning Diary – welcome winter”

Sunday Evening Diary…a month filled with blessings

Relaxing after a nice hot shower after a super busy cold day at the barn, my heart is filled with such joy and happiness. Let me bring you all up to date with the adventures of Alfie and Copper. I can officially announce to the world – Alfie is barefoot. He no longer requires customContinue reading “Sunday Evening Diary…a month filled with blessings”

Sunday evening diary – the honeymoon phase is over…now it’s time to challenge mom

It’s been almost 3 months since the beautiful freckle faced Copper joined my family. I will admit, having 2 horses has been a challenge, making sure Copper feels loved and welcomed while making sure to pay equal attention to Alfie, all while keeping my sanity lol. It didn’t help that during this time Alfie hadContinue reading “Sunday evening diary – the honeymoon phase is over…now it’s time to challenge mom”

Saturday evening diary – it’s been awhile, pull up a chair and get comfy…

What a month it’s been. First let me give you all the update on Alfie. I was able to get a second opinion on the pain and lameness he’s been experiencing off and on for months. There are several different things working against him which is making pin pointing 1 specific cause very difficult –Continue reading “Saturday evening diary – it’s been awhile, pull up a chair and get comfy…”

Saturday afternoon diary – an Alfie update and some lovely bonding time with Copper

Here’s the good news with Alfie – he’s getting better. The bad news is we still don’t know exactly what is causing the on again off again lameness. His Lymes test came back negative. I’m reaching out to another vet for a second opinion. But for now at least, Alfie isn’t in as much discomfortContinue reading “Saturday afternoon diary – an Alfie update and some lovely bonding time with Copper”

Sunday afternoon diary – it’s been a challenging week…

My apologies for not posting in awhile. Alfie is having issues again with his bad foot/leg. Two vet visits later, we are patiently waiting for Lyme’s blood test results to hopefully come back with an answer. Lyme’s and other tick born diseases cause different issues for all horses. Alfie has had a “traveling” lameness andContinue reading “Sunday afternoon diary – it’s been a challenging week…”

Sunday afternoon diary – gaining weight & getting fit 🤷🏻‍♀️

I know what you are thinking – gaining weight AND getting fit?? Yes, that’s what is happening – not to me, but to Copper. When I purchased Copper, I had a pre-purchase exam (PPE) done by a vet. Part of the exam is a body scale ranking where weight, fat and muscle figure into aContinue reading “Sunday afternoon diary – gaining weight & getting fit 🤷🏻‍♀️”

Saturday evening diary – I hit the canter button 😂

My darling Copper. We are still in the getting to know each other phase and man, this horse has so much talent and training. These last almost 4 weeks have been a fun experiment in getting to know him and figuring out what his different buttons do along with where exactly they are located. ForContinue reading “Saturday evening diary – I hit the canter button 😂”

Monday afternoon diary – Recapping Sunday! 😉

I started to write my Sunday diary several times yesterday – but every time I wrote a line or 2, I was up and about tending to my boys – or the newest little addition to our barn family – a 5 month old little pig named Nacho Pig. This past weekend, and even today,Continue reading “Monday afternoon diary – Recapping Sunday! 😉”