Tuesday Evening Diary – welcome to dressage Maestro

Tonight my lesson was with the beautiful Maestro. I’ve only been on Maestro once before and I will be honest, I was nervous. Tonight, there were no nerves. I watched my trainer briefly ride him before me, just so I could see how he moves. It was now my turn.

I got on him confidently. And as we were warming up around the arena, I realized wow, I can teach this beautiful soul dressage. Maestro is a horse that had a long jumping career so his knowledge of dressage needs a little work. His lateral work is amazing, meaning he leg yields very well and his shoulder exercises come naturally to him.

Maestro reminds me of Alfie. He’s soft and gentle in nature, a bit stubborn to get moving but tries to please his rider. Our lesson tonight was a little bit of everything, a lot of walk, a bit of trotting, and by the end, I was getting Maestro to round his body. We ended on a very positive note.

Oh how far I’ve come with riding. I’m proud of myself. I’m proud of my desire to ride different horses. They are all different, and they all have things to teach us.❤️🐴

Me and Maestro ❤️

Published by Judy Bennett

I am a middle aged married woman who finally was able to make her childhood dream come true. In 2016 I purchased my first horse - a beautiful older gent that I named Alfie. This blog is dedicated to everyone who loves horses and wants to see the good, the bad and the ugly of learning how to ride.

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