Saturday afternoon diary…It’s so hot let’s try a bareback lesson!

Riding bareback. It’s something I’ve done so little of throughout the 4 years Alfie and I have been together. For those that don’t know what bareback riding is, it’s where you ride the horse without a saddle. You can either ride with a bareback pad or without one, I prefer the pad. Riding bareback hasContinue reading “Saturday afternoon diary…It’s so hot let’s try a bareback lesson!”

Tuesday Evening Diary…why is it so hot???

Ok…I know it’s summer…but 3PM and it’s STILL 87, crazy high humidity to the point that as soon as you leave your air conditioned car and step outside your riding breeches become one with your skin. I wouldn’t feel the need to complain except this kind of heat has been with us since the beginningContinue reading “Tuesday Evening Diary…why is it so hot???”