Tuesday evening diary – Happy Birthday Martini!!

Happy birthday Martini!!! We celebrated with pumpkin donuts, our party hat and me singing happy birthday to him very badly lol 🤣🤣🤣 Our lesson today was working on an actual dressage test. I successfully completed the intro test A which is a walk trot test. I’ve completed this test before at just a walk butContinue reading “Tuesday evening diary – Happy Birthday Martini!!”

Saturday evening diary – if Alfie wants to trot – we trot!

An absolutely beautiful fall day. I get to the barn and walk past Alfie’s stall where I’ve got his ribbons still proudly displayed, I can’t hide the huge smile on my face. My boy. Oh how far we’ve come. I start walking towards his field, looking at all the beautiful trees changing colors, the airContinue reading “Saturday evening diary – if Alfie wants to trot – we trot!”

Tuesday evening diary – yes Martini – I’m really gonna ride you

2 days after the horse show and my body is still tired. But it’s Tuesday and it’s my date with Martini. We kept it light today, we worked on our haunches and shoulder work. At one point Martini seemed bored at just walking so we trotted a bit but honestly my body was in revoltContinue reading “Tuesday evening diary – yes Martini – I’m really gonna ride you”

Sunday Diary – The Horse Show

Ok, it’s not Sunday, it’s Monday. What an amazing Sunday it was. It was the first horse show held at our barn. It was an in house show where all of my trainers students competed. There were children and adult classes. Several weeks ago I made the bold decision to not only ride Alfie inContinue reading “Sunday Diary – The Horse Show”

Saturday afternoon diary – horse show prep!

Today was my last lesson with Alfie before the horse show tomorrow! And what a day it was. Our lesson went very well. He stood totally still at the mounting block for me. We went through the classes and he is ready. Tomorrow might be a different story. Same barn, same horses he knows butContinue reading “Saturday afternoon diary – horse show prep!”

Tuesday evening diary – Martini and I are gonna do GREAT at the horse show.

Today was our last lesson before the show. We practiced the entire competition. My diagonals in one direction were great, but were a disaster going in the other direction. It took me several tries and I finally got it. That’s one thing about me, I don’t give up until I get it right. We areContinue reading “Tuesday evening diary – Martini and I are gonna do GREAT at the horse show.”

Sunday Diary – a beautiful crisp fall day spent with Alfie

Fall has arrived. Yesterday, my husband and I went apple picking, it’s a yearly tradition that we both enjoy. We each get a bag to fill. My husband picks apples for baking, and I pick apples for Alfie. Yes, you read that right, I pick an entire bag of apples for Alfie. I took 3Continue reading “Sunday Diary – a beautiful crisp fall day spent with Alfie”

Tuesday Evening Diary – I FINALLY conquered my diagonals!!!

Today’s lesson with Martini was going over the poles and obstacle course pattern for the horse show. This is all at the trot. First up, posting trot a 20 meter circle, followed by trotting over 2 poles in a half seat, more trotting, 2 more poles, repeating the pattern so it’s a total of 2Continue reading “Tuesday Evening Diary – I FINALLY conquered my diagonals!!!”

Sunday evening diary – a trail ride, groundwork & cleaning tack.

I’ve gotten used to Sunday’s with Alfie being our “fun day.” Today we had the amazing pleasure of my best gal Heidi riding her horse Cayman. It was only the 2nd time she’s ridden him on the trails and a first time going with Alfie. Our pedestrian chaperones were barn manager Regina and her wifeContinue reading “Sunday evening diary – a trail ride, groundwork & cleaning tack.”

Saturday evening diary – watch out horse show, Judy and Braveheart are coming!

The other day, I’m sitting at home minding my own business when my barn manger Regina texts me asking what Alfie’s show name was. I wrote back and said Alfie. I told her he isn’t registered or papered so he doesn’t have an official show name. She then informed me he could have a showContinue reading “Saturday evening diary – watch out horse show, Judy and Braveheart are coming!”