Sunday afternoon diary – it’s been a challenging week…

My apologies for not posting in awhile. Alfie is having issues again with his bad foot/leg. Two vet visits later, we are patiently waiting for Lyme’s blood test results to hopefully come back with an answer. Lyme’s and other tick born diseases cause different issues for all horses. Alfie has had a “traveling” lameness and heat in his joints where his arthritis is, which Lyme disease can inflame. If the test results come back positive he should be just fine with a course of antibiotics for 1 month. If the test comes back negative, we are back to square one.

No one ever said owning a horse was going to always be fun. No one ever said owning an older horse was gonna be a piece of cake. I love my Alfie beyond words, he’s not just my “heart” horse but he’s my entire heart. Seeing him in obvious discomfort is heartbreaking but not having an immediate diagnosis and treatment plan is much worse. Hopefully we will have the test results in a day or so.

So, if you could all send some prayers, love and good vibes to Alfie, that would be awesome.❤️🐴

My entire heart.

Published by Judy Bennett

I am a middle aged married woman who finally was able to make her childhood dream come true. In 2016 I purchased my first horse - a beautiful older gent that I named Alfie. This blog is dedicated to everyone who loves horses and wants to see the good, the bad and the ugly of learning how to ride.

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